man in a kilt

This is a first for me- a kilt. That means pleats. Always fun to do a little research.

12:11:mankilt 1

12:11:mankilt 2

12:11:mankilt 4

12:11:mankilt 5

The kilt is removable with buttons and a hook on the inside of the waist.

12:11:mankilt 3

And I KNOW you are all wondering what is under the kilt. Well, Spoiler Alert!!!

12:11:mankilt 6

Sorry for the terrible picture. I was putting this post together and realized that I’d forgotten to take a kilt-off photo. I took this one with artificial light and it’s pretty bad. But, you needed to see, right?

The reason (or inspiration) for the kilt was that I didn’t like how he looked in just his shorts. The toile fabric had more stretch than the cotton I used for his pants and once I stuffed him, I thought it looked oddly bulgy in places. So, inspiration hit! Honestly, that is really how it works.

8 thoughts on “man in a kilt

  1. Mimi, I love the kilt! Really fun!

    If you’d enjoy something fun to listen to while you’re working on any future kilted people, I heartily recommend the audio book of the Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett, read by Stephen Briggs.

    “What are we known for, Men?”
    Aye! An what else?!?”
    An what else?
    “Drinkin’! and Fightin’! and Stealin!”

    …so say (or something like that!) the 6″ high, blue Nac Mac Feegles who speak with a heavy Scottish accent. They are sheep stealing, sword-wielding, funny, funny, funny characters. The audio book is even better than the regular book though, because the accents really bring it to life.

    Kind of like the first Harry Potter book, the book starts off slowly, but then you’ll fall in love with it, especially when the Nac Mac Feegles are introduced, so stick with it. The book is available on Audiobooks if you’re looking for it. My family and I are big fans. It’s a great Christmas present, if you’re looking for ideas!

    Hope your sewing is going well! I love my Tiny World. It makes me so happy, every time I use it. I’m still finishing up the one from the class I took from you. Good thing I bought one of yours for myself! ;)

    Happy Holidays!

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