lots and lots of WIPs

My etsy shop is bare and I am trying to get my inventory back up before show season. I’ve started working on many, many new pieces. Step one, cut out the parts. With the tattooed dolls this means the pieces that need to be dyed- the “skin” parts.

3:29:wip 1

3:29:wip 2

3:29:wip 3

I cut and cut and kept cutting. I now have a LOT of bodies, ready for the next step- dyeing.

3:29:wip 6

After I have these all dyed, then I cut out all the other pieces. Then construction starts.

Next I pulled out all my bins of wool and my fish pattern-

3:29:wip 4

and now there are 29 fish cut out and ready to move forward.

3:29:wip 5

And I am moving forward on foxes, already sewn. I’m stuffing them and next come the faces.

3:29:wip 7

And I’m sewing up some pugs. Yep, I’m all over the place. That’s why nothing is getting finished but things are moving forward all over the place. Hopefully something will get done this week.

8 thoughts on “lots and lots of WIPs

  1. Enjoyed this post, a peak into your studio and method of working. Sometime please talk a bit about why you dye the parts.

  2. Wow – you’ve got MY head spinning!! That is A LOT of work and props to you for being able to keep it all so well organized. Never a dull moment – eh? :)

  3. I dye the parts of the tattooed people to make them skin colors instead of white or whatever background color.

  4. I love workshop pictures, especially a big pile of unfinished, stuffed, things. I find it fascinating.
    thanks for sharing.

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