West Elm News!

WooHoo! Remember this? Me working on prototypes for ornaments for West Elm? Well, they are now available online! I am SO excited! I haven’t seen them in person yet but they look very close to my originals-

10:2:west elm 1

Their version- girl, boy. Theirs are machine stitched but they are really close and certainly retain the look- I am completely thrilled! There is also a moose, a bear and a racoon.


5 thoughts on “West Elm News!

  1. Hi Mimi, longtime fan here. I just saw these in the West Elm catalog and immediately recognized your design work. For a moment I had an “oh no” response (thinking it had all happened again), but then was so excited to see them identified with your name!! I read back through the related blog posts and am impressed with West Elm’s commitment to authenticity. Congratulations to a well-deserving artist!!

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