Tiny World time

I taught a tiny world workshop last weekend. Two of the participants finished in time for me to get a photo-

2:4:tw 1

2:4:tw 2

Lots of bright color choices during the gloomy days of winter! Teaching meant that I pulled out all my supplies and made some sample parts and all the rest. So, post class, I am working on my own Tiny Worlds this week.

2:4:tw 5

2:4:tw 6

2:4:tw 3

2:4:tw 4

It is fun to be working on them again after such a long time!


2 thoughts on “Tiny World time

  1. Ms. Kirchner,
    Will you please make your Tiny World pattern available again soon?? I was all set to spend some Christmas money on a pattern and saw that they were no longer available. :( (I DO understand why, but did want to let you know that they’re missed!)
    Waiting hopefully in Colorado,

  2. Thanks for the nudge. I will try to get them back up on Etsy in a few days and I will let you know. I’m going to have a sale when I put them back so hopefully that will make up for the inconvenience :-)

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