ornaments on the horizon

I know it has been pretty quiet over here. It has not been quiet in my life! I am making great progress on my ornament patterns and hope to publish 5 designs in mid-July, when I get back from Portland, Oregon.

7:2:ornaments 1

And, I took another trip down to Brooklyn for some West Elm business- that made the 3rd trip to NY in 5 weeks! I stopped in Connecticut to see family. I’ve spent some time making new clothes- I really ought to do a post about that. But, mostly I have been concentrating on pattern writing and photo taking.

7:2:ornaments 2

And, wow, is my desk messy. Lots and lots of tiny bits of paper and thread and felt.

7:2:ornaments 5

And samples and more samples.

7:2:ornaments 6

I’m hoping to be back to the regular making schedule once I am back from my trip and the patterns are ready.

8 thoughts on “ornaments on the horizon

  1. The whales are great! Well… they all are great. My son has been into whaling history, so I am swayed by the whales.

  2. The starbabies are wonderful, but my girl is grown, so the Winter Girl is my fav. These are sure to be a big hit. Congratulations.

  3. I love them all, but if push came to shove it would have to be the fish or should I say the whale…Teehee.

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