Winter School Girl fox

I couldn’t wait to make something out of this lovely wool blend boucle knit. Of course it is perfect for a fox sweater!

1-13-fox 7 - 1

It was pouring rain and very gloomy when I finished her up and there was no time to wait before she went into the window. I had to take photos in what were not ideal lighting conditions so these are the best I got.

1-13-fox 7 - 1 (1)

She has a tin bee pin on her backpack.

1-13-fox 7 - 1 (2)

1-13-fox 7 - 1 (3)

Tomorrow I will post photos of the foxes in place in the window.

One more photo! Here she is, waiting for her turn to go into the window.

1-13-fox 7 - 1 (4)

2 thoughts on “Winter School Girl fox

  1. My husband just walked by Gather Here and sent me photos – the foxes look great!
    His favorite was the Birdwatcher Fox (being a birdwatcher himself).

    I need to get there to see them for myself.

  2. I love everything about this little girl! The bee, the hat and mittens, and the grey coat with star burst buttons. :)

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