I finished my quilt!

It’s voting day today in the US. I hope you have all gone out and made your voice heard. I try to remember, nobody is going to be the perfect candidate/solution. Let’s just try to move things toward a more equal, kinder, healthier country. I thought I’d post my finished quilt today for a bit of non-partisan happy.11-6-quilt - 1

I told you about starting the quilt here. So much of moving forward on this quilt has been about giving myself permission to not strive for perfection. It is so freeing. I didn’t worry about getting all the points to match up, the back (inside) seams are a mess, and I hand-quilted it. The stitches are all over the place, getting better and neater the more I did, so now they don’t match at all! Guess what- it is now finished and I will never notice. And I actually got it finished because I wasn’t making myself crazy about the details. Honestly, the hand-quilting was very relaxing. I spent an hour or a few most days until it was done, listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Nice.

Early on quilting stitches-

11-6-quilt - 1 (1)

In case you are wondering- no I didn’t use any kind of frame. I draped the quilt (queen size) over a plastic-topped folding table- 24″ x 48″. The weight of the quilt kept things taut. The plastic top made it relatively easy to move it around as I worked. Also I could stitch down to the plastic and not worry about scratching something nice.

This pic is before I put on the binding.

11-6-quilt - 1 (2)

The whole thing! Thanks husband and son and neighbors’ porch!

11-6-quilt - 2

After I got the edge binding on, I put it through the washing machine. That is where this project hit a snag. The quilt came out all fuzzy (bearding I believe it is called). The quilt is all wool and the batting is also wool. The wool batting fibers migrated up through the wool fabrics. I used a clothing brush on it, back and front, and came away with a basketball size pile of wool fluff. The quilt looks fine although it is still a bit fuzzy.

On the bed-

11-6-quilt - 3

And here is the back since I know you want to see-

11-6-quilt - 4

5 thoughts on “I finished my quilt!

  1. Ooooooh!! LOVE your woolie quilt!! Sometimes it’s hard sticking with a big project but so satisfying to finally finish and use. This will definitely be a snuggler on a cold winter’s night! Kudos!! <3

  2. I’ve enjoyed seeing your dolls so much and saw the post where you started this quilt. Sometimes we must take a break from our usual projects to do something totally different. I love the colors, the triangles, the wools, and the hand quilting. Great job on a beautiful quilt!

  3. Beautiful! I love wool quilts.

    I’ve done a lot of hand quilting and what worked for me was to use one of those large, sturdy, wooden quilting hoops (like an overgrown embroidery hoop). I liked being able to get my non-needle hand underneath and also loved being able to curl up on the sofa as I worked. Another bonus is that it’s very portable when doing smaller projects, especially if you use the smaller diameter hoop.

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