2 More Tiny Worlds

I’ve had a very busy birthday week- now that I’m in Chicago, I can celebrate with my kids which is awesome. I went and saw Barbie with my daughter. It was a delight.

The latest Tiny Worlds-

According to the name of this china pattern, this is a wood anemone. When I google that, I saw mostly white flowers but who am I to question the bottom of a teacup!

And another Blue Willow cup. I love these classic patterns!

Tiny Worlds 3 and 4

I was the lucky recipient of some beautiful tea cups in the lead-up to the move. I was wavering if I should accept them since I was packing up my whole life but I’m so glad I took them. Now I can think about my friends as I make each Tiny World.

This one looks so summery!

And this one is such a formal pattern. These two cup designs are practically opposites.