Cabin in the Woods Tiny World

Lots of trees but no saucer on this one.

9-12- tiny world 14 - 1

9-12- tiny world 14 - 2

And here is a photo of almost all of them… somehow one got edged out of the photo!

9-12- tiny world 14 - 3

I’m now busy listing these into my etsy shop, freezing peaches, making soup stock now that the weather has cooled, cleaning up my studio, trying to get everything back into my studio closet after my husband need to do a wiring project in there… it never ends!

Winter is ahead! Snowy Tiny Worlds

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 1

I am not ready to think about winter yet, that’s for sure! Only fantasy winter.

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 2

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 4

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 3

In my not-art life, I am enjoying our first fall weather. The dahlias are thriving, the sedum are blooming and covered in bees, and the asters are starting to show some color. I hope everyone is safe from any hurricane weather.

By pure happenstance, this dahlia (which was simply labeled pink) is matching the hydrangea that I planted it next to!

9-6-tiny worlds 8 9 - 1 (1)

the last 2 Tiny Worlds for now

I just had to make a snow scene before I finished this batch.

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 1

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 2

Now this last one had to get made because somehow I always end up with 13 and I’m superstitious… I know, crazy. So I had to make one more.

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 3

10-13-tiny world 13 14 - 4

Okay, so that’s it for now. I will be trying to get them all into my etsy shop in the next few days. Everything is now listed in the shop!

Also, a reminder- The Owl class is in 2 weeks. Come and join the fun!