balloon man

Not what you were thinking from the title, eh?

It is so much fun to work with interesting toile. It makes the whole project more interesting- figuring out how to use the fabric to get the best images on the most appropriate places on the body.

The section of the toile with the balloon image was longer than the usual torso I cut out for my men dolls. I redesigned the fellow with a longer torso and shorter legs. I love how he looks.

If you ever see some toile that you think I might be interested in, I’d love to hear about it. Most of the great fabric that I’ve had the pleasure of using has been gifts from friends. I also buy scraps off of Etsy and Ebay and always keep my eye out at the thrift stores. I need toile with a white or cream background with the images printed in blue, brown or black. Also, since I over-dye it all, it should be cotton or linen. I don’t need huge pieces- decorator squares are excellent. I have a ton of red and white toile (slipcovers from my mom’s sofa, found in the attic when we cleaned out her house) and would be happy to trade too.