Fox girl in a Liberty Dress

Her dress is Liberty of London cotton lawn- lucky her! She is also wearing a cashmere cardigan and a lacy shawl. Do you want to know about the fabrics? When the pandemic started and we were first staying home (not at all unusual for me), I ordered up a bunch of new Liberty fabric (from here) because why not. Retail therapy, presents in the mail and all. The cashmere sweater was cut from a much bigger sweater that had holes in it. Her shawl is from a scrap of lace curtain that I got from my neighbor who is clearing out 45 years of stuff before she sells. She has given me tons of amazing materials. Everything has a story.

You might have heard that we got snow for Halloween- not the kind of Trick or Treat that I like. I am imagining my little fox saying- no no mommy, I don’t want to play in the snow! I am hoping that it will all be melted away by tomorrow- fingers crossed.