Grey Owls, reclaimed sweaters

These two are made from sweaters with classic knit patterns- the first one with a Nordic black and white pattern-

6-25-grey owl 34 - 1

the second with a dark grey cable.

6-25-grey owl 34 - 4

And then with the scraps of all the other wools to bring them to life.

This face has an angora/wool blend hood (so soft for petting!) and woven wool ears-

6-25-grey owl 34 - 2

And the other face has a woven wool tweedy herringbone hood and wool knit ears.

6-25-grey owl 34 - 5

Side view- I tried a bit of embroidery decoration on these angora wings-

6-25-grey owl 34 - 3

I just love how they have such different personalities!

6-25-grey owl 34 - 7