Lumberjack for Paul

12:27:lumberjack paul 1

This fine fellow was a special request gift for another very fine fellow! I had a blast making him a little bit extra special. Here he is without his cap-

12:27:lumberjack paul 5

He has an eagle on his chest and George Washington on his arm. He has an antique reindeer button for his belt buckle- perfect for a lumberjack! I’d been saving it and waiting for the right man.

12:27:lumberjack paul 2

He has an axe and I also made him a backpack so I could put some surprises in it.

12:27:lumberjack paul 3

12:27:lumberjack paul 4

12:27:lumberjack paul 6

Happy Travels!

Lumberjack for December

I am getting to the last dolls of the year here. Some I am waiting to post until after Christmas since I don’t want to ruin any surprises. This fellow will be going into my etsy shop right after I post this.

12:19:lumberjack 1a

12:19:lumberjack 1b

This toile is wonderful- I love the sailing port imagery. He has wool felt suspenders with embroidered decoration. And an axe of course.

12:19:lumberjack 1c

12:19:lumberjack 1d

12:19:lumberjack 1e


tattooed lumberjack

11:7:lumberjack 1It is time for a new camera. I’m getting cloudy spots in my photos. Bummer. I’m not a fan of upgrading my technology. I like it when I actually know how to use my tools. But really, it’s time.

11:7:lumberjack 2

11:7:lumberjack 5

11:7:lumberjack 6


11:7:lumberjack 3

I liked the bright leaves reflected in the window of the porch door.

11:7:lumberjack 4

I will be posting this fellow and his friend into my Etsy shop soon- hopefully tonight.

<3 red plaid

I feel like the finishing of things is going in slo-mo. This fellow has been on my desk for a while.

10:31:big lumberjack b

Lots of photos ahead!

He has a kerchief in his breast pocket.

10:31:big lumberjack c

And crossed axes on his belt buckle.

10:31:big lumberjack d

His chest tattoo is a cow and a milkmaid.

10:31:big lumberjack e

And some poultry on his arm.

10:31:big lumberjack f

10:31:big lumberjack h

Can you see that his hair is made from corduroy? Wool corduroy! I’ve had it in my stash for ages and finally gave it a try!

10:31:big lumberjack g

10:31:big lumberjack a

I am teaching the swaddled baby class this weekend at the New England Quilt Museum. I hear there is one seat left if any one is interested.