Lumberjack #4

How do you like that leafy beard! It is perfect for a lumberjack, isn’t it.

Another of the antique, one-hole buttons.

I am not listing any of these fellows into my Etsy shop because I am frantically getting ready for my first show of 2022. I will be at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough, MA from March 18- 20. After the show I will do an update to the shop. In the meantime, I am trying to get as much finished as possible!

A Big Blond Lumberjack

Such a handsome fellow!

I found these vintage moose buttons online and I’ve been saving them for some lumberjacks. He’s got godess tattoos.

And here is his hair.

I’m pretending that he cut down the Christmas tree… don’t ask why there is still a Christmas tree available as a prop 😂

Lumberjack 3

The third lumberjack is the last for now. I’ve got a lot of prep work on my desk right now- sewing, cutting, and even getting out the dyes. I’m revving up for a new year that seems so very uncertain. But I will continue to make because that’s what keeps me sane!

Spotty hair.

George Washington on his chest.

A wooden button because he is a lumberjack!