Lumberjack 3

The third lumberjack is the last for now. I’ve got a lot of prep work on my desk right now- sewing, cutting, and even getting out the dyes. I’m revving up for a new year that seems so very uncertain. But I will continue to make because that’s what keeps me sane!

Spotty hair.

George Washington on his chest.

A wooden button because he is a lumberjack!

Red-Haired Lumberjack

He has a really long hat :-)

He’s got the same tattoos as the last fellow- Eagle on his chest, George Washington on his arms.

I am planning on getting these onto Etsy today, after I go pick up my vegetable box at the farmers market. I have more lumberjacks sewed up for the future but I think I will stop with these for now. With no shows scheduled and none in the foreseeable future, I want to have a good range of pieces in my online shop so I will go on to something else. That is after I get all my dahlias planted!

Lumberjack #1

Finally, slowly, I am finishing things. With no show dates and slow sales, I am not terribly motivated. Also, I am distracted by the news (a bad way) and the garden (a good way). Let’s get on to these lumberjacks.

He has a cashmere hat in case he’s cold.

Manly chest with tattoos. And an axe on his back.

Bald Lumberjack

1-11-tattooman2 - 6

I’m slowly getting back into the work groove and my studio is looking much cleaner and more organized. That is always the job and the goal for January.

1-11-tattooman2 - 1

1-11-tattooman2 - 2

He’s got a little cross-cut wooden button for his belt buckle.

1-11-tattooman2 - 3

High boots-

1-11-tattooman2 - 5

1-11-tattooman2 - 4

1-11-tattooman2 - 7