to minnesota and back

So much going on!

We’ve been to Minnesota and are back. Another child graduated from college. I think we are getting pretty good at this!

Let me see- so much to report. An article/interview about me was published in my local weekly paper and is online here. The article happened because of the firemen with dolls photo that my husband forwarded to the local paper.

I had a wonderful blogger meet-up in Minneapolis and I am sending a HUGE thank you to Kristin! Firstly, although I brought my camera, I forgot to take any photos- typical. She did not forget and did this lovely post. She hosted 4 of us for a delicious lunch and we talked craft and internet and blogging and kids and thrifting and … yes, on and on. There was Erika, Susan (and her post on the day) and Susan’s daughter Hannah who has a blog but I didn’t catch the name. Then, after the party broke up, Kristin showed me her school and drove me around to meet back up with my family. Terrific!

Then, lots of graduation festivities. I’m not really sure how much Julian wants to be outed so I’ll just show a piece of him-

Hurray! Or, as he would say, Huzzah.

Sunday was spent doing some Minneapolis things- a farmers market, the Walker, the sculpture park, the downtown library, an Eleanor conducted tour of the Guthrie and a lot of just walking around.

I am exhausted now but tomorrow it is back to work- only 2 1/2 weeks until Renegade!

going to Minneapolis in May

Shout Out! I will be in Minneapolis in mid-May for my son’s college graduation and would love to have a meet-up with fellow bloggers and/or crafty types. I will busy on Sat. 5/15 but wonder if people would like to get together sometime at either side of that day. I am trying to plan the trip and want to figure out what works best. Leave a comment or email me at mimik(at)

A photo so this post won’t be too boring-

Happy Birthday Peter!!!!