meetup and snowy tiny worlds

We had another great meetup yesterday. Topics that I can remember going by- how to get artwork to markets, holiday shows and application deadlines, edgy shows vs traditional shows, Facebook vs Twitter, thinking about licensing, 1000 Markets, all the good things that are happening at Etsy, where to get business and stickers printed and what it costs… if this is what you are interested in and everyone around you is either clueless or bored by it all, our meetup is the place for you!

I finished these on Tuesday-

Some of them are available and will go into my Etsy shop, probably this weekend.

to minnesota and back

So much going on!

We’ve been to Minnesota and are back. Another child graduated from college. I think we are getting pretty good at this!

Let me see- so much to report. An article/interview about me was published in my local weekly paper and is online here. The article happened because of the firemen with dolls photo that my husband forwarded to the local paper.

I had a wonderful blogger meet-up in Minneapolis and I am sending a HUGE thank you to Kristin! Firstly, although I brought my camera, I forgot to take any photos- typical. She did not forget and did this lovely post. She hosted 4 of us for a delicious lunch and we talked craft and internet and blogging and kids and thrifting and … yes, on and on. There was Erika, Susan (and her post on the day) and Susan’s daughter Hannah who has a blog but I didn’t catch the name. Then, after the party broke up, Kristin showed me her school and drove me around to meet back up with my family. Terrific!

Then, lots of graduation festivities. I’m not really sure how much Julian wants to be outed so I’ll just show a piece of him-

Hurray! Or, as he would say, Huzzah.

Sunday was spent doing some Minneapolis things- a farmers market, the Walker, the sculpture park, the downtown library, an Eleanor conducted tour of the Guthrie and a lot of just walking around.

I am exhausted now but tomorrow it is back to work- only 2 1/2 weeks until Renegade!

little witch girl

Another very hard to photograph girl- I’m going to have to learn more about under and overexposure on my camera. She has a dark purple body and a black cashmere pinafore. The pinafore has an embroidered sash. The camera wants to blend it all together. I did my best to show the colors and detail.

The sweater had moth holes and I decided to use them instead of avoid them in the pinafore.

Embroidery on a ribbon sash-

She has a skirt made from my favorite angora/wool blend. It is so soft and yet has body that makes it hold it’s shape. Cashmere can be floppy and stretchy. Yes, and talking of stretchy cashmere, yesterday I thought I was all finished here but… after I went to bed last night, I was thinking about her pinafore and decided it need to be lined. It was too “relaxed”-  not staying in shape the way I’d like. Today, I added a wool felt lining to the bodice and sewed it on with buttonhole stitch all the way around the edge. It is one of those things that doesn’t really show and only I care. But it felt so satisfying when it was finished and everything seemed to fit so much better.

and her shoes-

I will be putting the fish, the Moonbeam girls and this one on Etsy, probably tomorrow afternoon. I have put away any more girls for now- they are just giving me too much trouble! I am working on lady pillows and babies- sewing them up and then I will do the decorative work. I am hoping that I’ll be doing some traveling in the next few months and it would be nice to have some dolls all ready to take along and do the handwork on.

Yesterday was the April crafty meet-up. There were 9 of us there- the biggest group yet! It was loads of fun. Look what Sharon made for Crystal!  Next meet-up- May 12.

meet-up and first doll of 2010

The first (of many, I hope) meet-up was this morning. It was fantastic!


There were 6 of us. Liz, Louise, Betsy, Kerry, Crystal, and me. It was exactly what I’d hoped for- we yakked away about google stats, changes at Etsy, shows in the area, blogging and Twittering… the kind of talk that has a very limited audience in my life.  And after 1 1/2 hours of talking, we all trooped down to the Goodwill and did some thrift store shopping.  It was so much fun! Next meet-up, Feb. 10. Everyone is welcome. If you feel funny about coming into a group of people who know each other, email me and we can have a pre-meet-up meet-up or just get acquainted by email.


And, the first doll of 2010. How apt is it that it is a baby? This little one was all ready to be appliqued- all the pieces cut out and pinned on, but I never got to it before Christmas.





first meet-up

What is that expression- “start as you mean to go on”- that is it, right? So the first thing to work on is my biggest goal- making more real life connections. I am inviting Boston area crafty business people to meet-up with me in Davis Square. The first meet-up will be Wednesday, Jan. 13 at Starbucks at 10am. If you can’t make it but would like to be notified about future meet-ups, send me an email (mimik(at) At some point I will start a google group or Facebook page or something. I need to come up with a catchy name- any ideas?

We had our first cardinal at the bird feeder- so pretty in the snow!