And the rest of the Tiny Worlds

Three this time. This is the time of year that makes taking photos very challenging- between the very early darkness and the wintry weather I do what I can.

A bright white house in a blue and white cup-

And two more-

I will say it again; I have been gifted some amazing cups this year and it has been inspiring!

Some of the cups have already been spoken for but I will put the available ones into my Etsy shop later tonight.

2 Lighthouses- last ones

Well, that is enough Tiny Worlds for now. Here are the last 2 of this batch.

I am going to try to get all the Tiny Worlds into my Etsy shop in the next few days. After that, I will be taking some time off. Hope to see you back here, probably after Labor Day (sept 6). To start my time off, I went to the ICA yesterday to see the amazing show at the Watershed.