studio tidbits

Back at the beginning of the year, I got myself some new storage units for my cotton fabrics. Getting them in place involved moving a lot of stuff around. As is my way, I got the job about 80% finished and then got back to work. Within a day or 2, all the piles that I had to step over to get to my desk became invisible. I’ve spent some time this week cleaning the studio and working to get some of that mess sorted out. I thought I’d show you a few favorite things.

My Sister-in-law gave me this doll trunk. It had been her Mom’s. It sits on a bureau in my studio and is mostly used as a prop for some of my dolls. But, it really is a treasure chest.

Ignore those doll clothes hanging in the window- they are part of something else all together. In the trunk there are clothes that were probably suitable for a child of the 1920’s and earlier.

Sorry about the photos- it has been a grey week with a bit of snow. But look- doll gloves! And hats and jewelery!

And lots of dresses.

Unfortunately, most everything is damaged- probably because children actually played with them. There is a lot of silk in the clothes and silk is prone to rot.

I love all the drop-waist dresses. They look like they were all made from the same basic pattern with changes in the necklines. They also look like a child made them- definitely homemade. There are also 4 petticoats but I am not sure how they work with a drop-waist dress.

And a girl/doll needs a coat (or 3), right?

Next little peak- As you know, I have a lot of my Mom’s old fabric and clothes. I’ve cut up lots of it, but some things seem precious and I can’t bear to re-purpose them. This top has been my chair shirt for several years. When I was going through the family photos last summer, I found a picture of my Mom wearing it- I love when that happens! I would guess that this is from the late 60’s.

My studio is looking pretty great right now. If the sun comes out in the next few days, I will try to get some decent photos to show you.

I rewarded myself with a trip to Gather Here (do you live near Boston? If you haven’t been here- go!) and some super fabric- including some of Lizzy House‘s Hello Pilgrim.

Also some super soft corduroy, some Cloud 9 dots and some Lotta Jansdotter. Here it is, all washed, ironed and ready to use.

And last, a snow photo. This has pretty much been it for our winter!

Have a great weekend! My daughter and a friend are going to be here for the weekend- Hurray!