more tiny worlds

When I was getting ready for my class, I made various parts and I figured I might as well finish them up. So, there will be a few more tiny worlds in the next few days.

Big excitement of my day- I now have 2001 hearts on Etsy! I am feeling very <3 ed- hee hee!

11 thoughts on “more tiny worlds

  1. I so love your tiny worlds, in all their variety. Are the trees actually sewing pins? I wish that I was visiting my relatives in Lexington when you were teaching your class (I live in Portland OR). Any chance you may put a tutorial for them in your shop?

  2. <3 – I’m guessing that’s good. I <3 you . Is that as in ‘ you’re in my top 3? I know . being thick. But if it is then for me you get <2. Congrats on the faves. I’m in there somewhere I think! t.x

  3. I really do love these! I think you should make this an online class at Doll Street

  4. I would love a class. Are the balls a felted wool ball, or just a stuffed with stuffing ball, covered with wool? So wonderful…
    “the world is so full of a number of things,
    I am sure we should all be as happy as kings”

  5. Fantastic Mimi! I just go my hands on the fiskar scissors and I’m looking forward to some felt shopping :)

  6. Congretulations. I sent you an email but never got an answer :-( about yours tiny worlds.
    Next (2 until 10) of April I wiil be in Boston and I wuold like meet you, could you send me your adress or a contact?
    Thank you

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