tiny world class report

I have so much to tell and now it seems like too much! I am so far behind so I will jump in and tell you about some fun stuff from the last week- in no particular order.

I will start with yesterday- the tiny world workshop. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

There were 7 “students”, plus me. Here we are, working at my dining room table-

further along-

and here are some of the tiny worlds, some not quite finished, at the end of the class-


Amy of Bumble Belly Designs. You can read her report and see more (better) photos here at her blog.

Brooke was very brave- she had no sewing experience but decided she wanted to give it a try- look how well she did!

Jen (her report) and Ginny (another blog report of our class)-

Becky’s- I only have a blurry picture of her adorable castle-

and Jane-

It was a great day. I will definitely do it again. Right now I am planning for August, since I had a request for then.

I will do another post with other blog-worthy news which includes- omg… a clean house!, house projects moving forward, a sale at my favorite thrift shop, and getting to meet the new CEO of Etsy- see you soon!

16 thoughts on “tiny world class report

  1. O M G !! Those are the cutest! They really rock!

    I would so love to take your class–any chance you might do one on-line?!

  2. Oh, they are just delicious! I also enjoyed seeing what kind of cup or creamer people chose. It looks like it was a great afternoon.

  3. Honey you can come and do a class at my dining table anytime you’re ready! It seats 14 (if you get cosy) and for convenience I could collect you from the train station…… t.x

  4. These are absolutely amazing Mimi! I am so glad to hear that the class went well. Next up, the West Coast!

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  6. Hi Mimi- This looks like so much fun. Will you be offering the workshop again? I’m not near Boston, but would come up for this (and my sister-in-law in Maine) :-)

  7. Mimi!!
    I would travel from Colorado to anywhere you are, to attend an August class! Please keep me posted, I would like to reserve a space!

    Love Love Love your work!
    Emily Barnard
    Pueblo West, Colorado

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