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I have finished 2 more tiny worlds so I now have 4 finished. I will be putting them into my etsy shop this afternoon.

the latest 2-

– some great photos of my house from Jen, when she came to the workshop.

– I got profiled over here– I love her very original approach. An art in itself.

– I am thinking about attending the NIADA conference again this year. Anybody else? I hadn’t thought about it, but the other day, I was fixing my website links page (it had disappeared for some mysterious reason) and clicked on the site. I haven’t been to the last 2 and now I am thinking it is time again.

I am going in too many directions these days. My head is full of studio fantasy thoughts, lists of everything that needs to happen in the studio room before it is ready for occupancy (file this in “trials of living in an old house”), dolls, how to do printmaking without a press and stay true to my work… not to mention spring and gardening thoughts… and that is just the top of the pile. So, I end up spending too much time on the computer instead of moving forward with anything!

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  1. I too am thinking of going to NIADA–I think it would either be fantastically inspiring or horribly intimidating. But I’m thinking pretty hard about it. I too am pulled in many directions these days. Starting seeds, planting some of the cool weather things, building compost piles (we have horses, so there is always an abundance of raw material!), fulfilling my Christmas promise to my daughter to plant trees and shrubs in her big and empty yard. Sadly, there are sick and injured friends to visit–most poignant, an old ex-boyfriend who is now in a nursing home with Alzheimers (so now I guess I can’t deny any longer that I am, actually, old). Also, the joys of my grandkids and more fun making dolls than anybody really has any right to have! Thank you, Mimi, for this wonderful blog, which makes me feel so connected to you and your creative world.

  2. I would LOVE to go to NIADA- could I hang out with you a bit if i go, Mimi? I am a pre-beginning dollmaker (if that!), so, like Nancy, it could be horribly intimidating!

    LOVE your tiny worlds, again!

  3. Have you ever [considered] posting your projects on I mean, it’s more amateur than you, obviously, but you’d get a lot of praise and it’d be good advertising for your work.
    Just a thought!
    (Eleanor’s friend), Molly

  4. Sigh… the one in the blue and white teacup is sold already. I was thinking I might buy it because that is my china pattern. Well, one of them at least – I have four sets of china all in variations on that theme. So I will just have to content myself with the one tiny world I already own… in another blue and white teacup of course. ;o)

    And I love seeing pics of your house. Turns out it was probably a good thing my friend and I didn’t come up to Boston for your class… we would likely have been caught in the blizzard!

  5. Hi Mimi:
    I LOVE your Tiny Worlds!!! They are just amazing and wonderful and fun! I do hardly any hand work but am getting more and more interested in it on wool felt shoes and vests and such….
    Was I on your mailing list for the doll pics? I was getting them foa while and then I was cleaning things out and I think I deleted the membership by mistake. I end up on so many things I sometimes go crazy trying to keep up so go into “delete” mode. LOL
    A lady named Kate has contacted me about your dolls. She wants to know about your noses. here is her e-mail addy. She found me through you and is a new dollmaker.
    Dolly Hugs, Judi

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