meet-up, portland, etc.

The next crafty meet-up is this Wednesday, March 10 in Davis Sq. in Somerville (MA). 10 am. Other meet-up reports.

Ben and I drove up to Portland to pick up Peter for Spring break, see his new dorm room, have a great lunch, walk around on a beautiful day. There are some wonderful signs around the town.

I’ve got a lot of things on my mind and am in a bit of a funk. We are having beautiful weather though and that means I can spend some time in the garden doing the clean up that I never had time for last fall. Spending time in the sun at the end of winter is therapeutic.

I am trying to schedule another class for the end of April. Tiny World or Fresh Fish? At my house or a roomier venue? Any thoughts?

a little bit of this,

and a little bit of that.

This happens to me all the time. I finished up the fish project, went to NYC, had my class and then … well I am completely scattered. I’ve got a group of tiny worlds started-

and I’ve been wanting to dye a pile of toile fabric- I’d been in the middle of that project back at the beginning of February when I veered off to the fish. And the pile of fabric, the pots, the dye, have all been sitting on the kitchen counter for the month. So, I did that at the beginning of the week-

Okay, and then there are the girl dolls that have been haunting me since last summer. They were cut out in August, put in a bin and have been sitting there, waiting for me.  I really think I need to make them before anything else. Really, yes, haunting me. There are 4. I sewed one together last night.

And lastly, there are the partially finished projects that always seem to get left behind when I move on to the next thing- one fish, one tattooed man-

It will sort itself out as it always does. Things don’t progress in a nice straight line- just wanted to make sure you know it is not just you.

* Fish Sightings! * Here and Here! See- nobody can make just one.