process- part 2

Once the doll is stuffed, most of the rest is hand stitching. Breasts sewed on with a ladder stitch.

The face is sketched on with water-soluble marker.

Figure out what kind of hair-do she needs and then draw up a pattern. I always draw a pattern because if I love how it comes out, I want to remember how I did it!

Pin the hair in place and stuff.


Stitch the face.

Hah- That makes it sound so easy! I often cut the embroidered faces off several times before I am satisfied.

Stuff the arms and stitch the fingers.

Arm to shoulder.

Hmm. She needs a belt. Pull out a variety of trims and hope I have the exact right color.

A strip of vintage cotton bias tape-

A length of vintage cotton rick rack.

And a button.

Spritz all the blue lines, let her dry and she is done!

Thanks for all the comments so far- I’m glad everyone is enjoying seeing how I put these together. Tomorrow I hope to take her “beauty” shots. It was too wet outside today for a photo shoot.

18 thoughts on “process- part 2

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  2. Thanks, you’re not only a talented artist, but generous as well. The process is just as satisfying to me as the finished item.

  3. your processes are very interesting. i get very annoyed by people who say “why are these so expensive”. there must be a good retort but i dont know what it is. your dolls are fab.

  4. It’s always so magical to see a doll come together – I love her face and hair and the little star button on her adorable ric rac belt. She’s beautiful! :)

  5. Love the lady and use of a water-soluable marker. Glad to see the tatooed lady and the thinking re the hairdo. I listened to you craftypod interview and enjoyed it!

  6. oh, I really have enjoyed this. I do have a question, well, two…. if you rip the faces off because you don’t like the embroidery sometimes, why don’t you do the face before you sew the doll together and stuff it?

    and how do you sew the damn button on a stuffed doll????

    ps: I’m particularly fond of the boobies…..ah um, breasts.

  7. Mimi,
    I’ve been checking often, hoping you had time to post photos and let all of us peek into your creative world. Wonderful! I Love everything about her. Wish I could sit in the corner and watch you create. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. There is no way I could embroider the face beforehand and come out with anything I was satisfied with. Stuffing stretches the fabric in unpredictable (by me) ways and so who knows where the various face parts would end up. I need to look at the stuffed doll and think, Who is in there? I have always embroidered on stuffed objects and also embellished once the dolls were stuffed and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. It is all what you get used to.

  9. This Christmas the only thing I handmade was your felt doll on the Purl website. I made the doll for my mother. Since I was a little girl, I have always made a gift for my mother. Lately, it had been something knitted but this year I decided to try your doll. With every stitch I fell in love with the doll. Thank you for being so very generous in sharing your dolls and the doll making process.

  10. This is just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this. It will help me make a doll for my grandchildren and my three little nieces. You are a wonder, I know my dolls will be cute and loved but they will not compare to yours.

  11. Wonderful to see your process! I love the button, mother of pearl star! I hav those in my collection as well an worship them! Can`t help noticing it is slightly off center?!

  12. i love the progress and ideas that are come up with and even changed as they are being made. Thanks for sharing it!

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  14. Every little step you take in making this wonderful piece of art, is so perfect, so amazingly tiny, so well cared for.. and the result is pure bliss..
    I’m in love with all of them. The breasts just cracked me up! :) It’s a lovely detail, funny, yet discreetly subtile. I’m already looking out for my next purchase! xoxo digibudi

  15. never seen these type of dolls before in Enlgand , so i just love your special dolls wish ihad your gift the tatoo girls are adrorable . i am so lucky to have found your site x x

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