finally, a doll for February!


Too, too many unfinished pieces in the studio. I need to get some pieces finished! I’ve got some girls and some guys in progress- still finishing the backlog of sewed inventory from last year. I can’t wait to get out the toile and starting cutting some new ones! Soon I hope.


She is a green-eyed, red-haired girl.




Vintage rick-rack and button. Skeleton tattoos.


<3 red plaid

I feel like the finishing of things is going in slo-mo. This fellow has been on my desk for a while.

10:31:big lumberjack b

Lots of photos ahead!

He has a kerchief in his breast pocket.

10:31:big lumberjack c

And crossed axes on his belt buckle.

10:31:big lumberjack d

His chest tattoo is a cow and a milkmaid.

10:31:big lumberjack e

And some poultry on his arm.

10:31:big lumberjack f

10:31:big lumberjack h

Can you see that his hair is made from corduroy? Wool corduroy! I’ve had it in my stash for ages and finally gave it a try!

10:31:big lumberjack g

10:31:big lumberjack a

I am teaching the swaddled baby class this weekend at the New England Quilt Museum. I hear there is one seat left if any one is interested.

a tattooed man


I want to get to my normal posting over here.


It is hard though because the Cody Foster fiasco is continuing to roll itself out. I have now seen the catalog for the 2013 season and found 3 items that were copied from my designs. That negates any argument that any one individually might not have come from my designs, eh? I also saw items copied from some of my craft-biz friends. It breaks my heart. I still don’t know how I’m going to go forward with this. It takes a toll no matter what direction I go. Among other things, the haters have come out who think that anyone can copy anyone, fair game. And they yell really loud. Sigh.


Instead I want to tell you some happy news. Here is my secret. Lean in close and I’ll whisper…


I’m doing a sale with OneKingsLane in November!!! Some of these things I’ve been posting that haven’t shown up in my Etsy shop- that’s why! I will be posting more info as it gets closer but I am so excited!


I am trying to focus on the good stuff. Moving forward here…