tattoo lady- star belt

Yes, the snow.

I am thinking I’d like to do an owl class at my house but I will have to wait for the snow to melt because, right now, there is no parking. But, let me know if you are interested.

9 thoughts on “tattoo lady- star belt

  1. LOVE your work & this doll is another great piece. I am very interested in an owl class & live in MA. If you are going to have one, please let me know – my email is

  2. You know, I grew up in New England and have always longed to move back. Unfortunately I couldn’t get farther away without leaving the contiguous U.S. Your owl class is just one more reason for me to wish I was back east. ;)

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  4. I would be very interested in taking a class with you – I live outside of Philadelphia, but lucky for me, I have a daughter at BU — hmmmm, sounds like a visit could be in order!

  5. Great doll… love her hair especially. Thank you for your recent posts showing your process: so much ‘unseen’ work goes into each doll, practically a different pattern for each! I really admire the finish each doll has… it is very exacting work. Celia.

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