sailor man

7-19-sailor - 1

Such an awesome toile and perfect for a sailor’s tattooed chest. I love this fabric. I got it off of Ebay- it was a 70′s linen curtain panel, never used, with it’s labels still on. Of course it wasn’t peachy colored; I over-dye to get the skin tones.

7-19-sailor - 1 (1)

7-19-sailor - 1 (2)

Here he is without his hat-

7-19-sailor - 1 (3)

7-19-sailor - 1 (4)

7-19-sailor - 1 (5)

Other Sailor men I’ve made- here, here, and here.

dark tattooed man

Working on these fellows is definitely more fun than the fiddly work of the pattern making so more men ahead!

7-14-tattooman2 - 1

His trousers have tiny stars on them. Love that fabric. His hair is dark brown and is over-dyed grid pattern but so dark that it doesn’t show up in the photos.

7-14-tattooman2 - 1 (1)

7-14-tattooman2 - 1 (2)

7-14-tattooman2 - 1 (3)

7-14-tattooman2 - 1 (4)

summer Santa

I have been working on some ornament designs but it goes slowly and gets frustrating and I just want to finish something! But, I have bins with sewn up but not finished inventory so this fellow got finished with a satisfied sigh from me.

7-11-summersanta - 1

7-11-summersanta - 1 (1)

7-11-summersanta - 1 (2)

Here is a detail where you can see his belt. I embroidered on top of the rick rack and added an embroidered white dot on the belt tape.

7-11-summersanta - 1 (3)

7-11-summersanta - 1 (4)

butterfly girl

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (3)

So, so summery! I love this butterfly fabric, designed by Geninne for Cloud9 fabrics. She has a linen jacket to wear on top.

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (1)

I was very proud of myself for finally researching how to sew up a lined sleeveless bodice with no hand-stitching. Yep, I did it. Because Google, you know, makes it all very easy. After all these years! (Sometimes I wonder about myself- always doing things the hard way!)

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (5)

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (2)

All her things- pants made of cotton shirting- navy with a white grid, an organic cotton dress, a linen jacket with a red check kerchief, and a purse with a notebook and coin.

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (4)

6-22-girl 8 - 1

I am finished with the girls for a now. The girl doll bin is getting packed up with all the clothing patterns and miscellaneous girl doll specific materials. I spent this afternoon trying to uncover the surface of my desk and I’ve make quite good progress. There was at least a few hours of button sorting involved so that is always an afternoon well spent.

Folktale girl

6-18-girl 7 - 1

She could be a lot of different heroines from Grimms’ Tales, don’t you think? I love playing with the classic folk dress designs. Her shirt and dress have laces for closures/adjustments and I didn’t want to mess everything up for the photos. Under her dress, she is like the other dolls but with her red and white striped tights instead of bare legs and anklets. She has a white undershirt that is part of her body design. She is a “big girl” design, ie her arms, legs, and body are all a bit longer and thinner. She is about 23″ (58cm) tall.

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (4)

Her apron is made of a vintage embroidered hand-towel.

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (2)

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (1)

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (3)

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (5)

blond girl, paper cranes

Isn’t this fabric dreamy? Paper cranes on double gauze make a perfect early summer dress.

6-13-girl 6 - 1 (4)

This little girl is dressed perfectly for the summer weather we’ve been having here- you are never quite sure if you’ll be hot or need a sweater. She is prepared for a chill with a cashmere sweater.

6-13-girl 6 - 1 (1)

Her toy bunny is safe in her purse.

6-13-girl 6 - 1 (2)

6-13-girl 6 - 1 (3)

6-13-girl 6 - 1

6-13-girl 6 - 1 (5)

School Girl in Red and Green

6-9-girl 5 - 1

It feels a little odd to be making a school girl dressed in wool and corduroy, with mittens and a scarf, when the calendar says June. Luckily, the weather has dipped and I was inspired to finish her up today.

6-9-girl 5 - 1 (1)

6-9-girl 5 - 1 (2)

6-9-girl 5 - 1 (3)

Here are details of all her belongings-

Her school bag-

6-9-girl 5 - 1 (4)

6-9-girl 5 - 1 (5)

6-9-girl 5 - 1 (6)

school girl

5-9-girl 5 - 1

This is a longer and leaner version of the girl dolls I’ve been working on. The other ones are based on about 5 years old. This design is more of a 9 – 12 year old. The design is closer to the pattern I used in the past. This girl looks like a serious and smart school student- she’s all about math and graphic novels for fun. She loves school, unlike me as a kid.

Here she is without her coat. A red and white striped cashmere sweater- dreamy!

5-9-girl 5 - 1 (4)

5-9-girl 5 - 1 (1)

5-9-girl 5 - 1 (2)

5-9-girl 5 - 1 (5)

5-9-girl 5 - 1 (3)

Red-haired girl

5-6-girl 3 - 1 (1)

I am not usually drawn to purples but sometimes, there I go.

5-6-girl 3 - 1

Here she is with her clothes off and all her things. Her body is dressed in “underwear” and her shoes and socks are all part of her legs.

5-6-girl 3 - 1 (5)

Liberty cotton floral patterns- love them. I gave her a little shirt under her dress because her “underwear” was showing and I just didn’t like how that looked. She has a guaze-y silk kerchief and a wool felt purse. Her clothing looks late-Spring or Summery to me.

5-6-girl 3 - 1 (2)

5-6-girl 3 - 1 (3)

5-6-girl 3 - 1 (4)

I have listed the other 2 girls into my Etsy shop and I hope to get this one listed by the end of today.

A girl doll for Spring

5-4-girl 2 - 1

She has a cream cashmere sweater with tiny 3-hole glass buttons. Someone who knew those antique buttons were just my thing, sent me a string of them and Thank You again!

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (1)

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (3)

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (2)

She is “dressed” in light pink underwear. Her other clothes are draw-string pants, a tunic/dress, and her cashmere sweater.

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (4)

A Spring girl on a Spring day!

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (5)