finally something 2015!

So, I finally finished something. My work mantra, when I’m feeling discombobulated is, Just Do Something. I was having a hard time listening to myself. Which is not a good thing- I always feel better about everything when I am making. So, Phew!

3 fish-

1:22:fish 1

1:22:fish 3

1:22:fish 2

1:22:fish 4

1:22:fish 5

The first 3 dolls of 2015!

all the dolls- 2014!

Happy New Year!

2014 = 156 dolls! Wow- that is my most ever in one year!

I made 17 girl foxes and 15 boy foxes.

1:1:fox girls 2

1:1:fox boys

I made 25 dogs including the pugs.


6 swaddled babies and 12 owls-

1:1:babies and owls

18 fish-


16 tattooed ladies-


and 47 (!!!!) assorted tattooed men!

1:1:men 11:1:men 2I also made a line of ornaments for West Elm. I didn’t make one single tiny world pin cushion.  I’ll have to get to that in 2015!

This is my picture of the year with the most views on flickr (almost 40,000!), most likes on Facebook and on Instagram. It is always interesting and I can never predict what will catch peoples’ fancy!

1:1:star pic


last doll of the year

this is the last of the dolls that I wanted to post after Christmas- just in case. It is also the last doll I will be posting for 2014. I am working on a project for next year and that’ll keep me busy for the next few weeks.

12:28:lumberjack 3a

12:28:lumberjack 3b

12:28:lumberjack 3e

He has an antique moose button- another one that I was saving for a lumberjack.

12:28:lumberjack 3c

12:28:lumberjack 3d

Lumberjack for Paul

12:27:lumberjack paul 1

This fine fellow was a special request gift for another very fine fellow! I had a blast making him a little bit extra special. Here he is without his cap-

12:27:lumberjack paul 5

He has an eagle on his chest and George Washington on his arm. He has an antique reindeer button for his belt buckle- perfect for a lumberjack! I’d been saving it and waiting for the right man.

12:27:lumberjack paul 2

He has an axe and I also made him a backpack so I could put some surprises in it.

12:27:lumberjack paul 3

12:27:lumberjack paul 4

12:27:lumberjack paul 6

Happy Travels!

Lumberjack for December

I am getting to the last dolls of the year here. Some I am waiting to post until after Christmas since I don’t want to ruin any surprises. This fellow will be going into my etsy shop right after I post this.

12:19:lumberjack 1a

12:19:lumberjack 1b

This toile is wonderful- I love the sailing port imagery. He has wool felt suspenders with embroidered decoration. And an axe of course.

12:19:lumberjack 1c

12:19:lumberjack 1d

12:19:lumberjack 1e