tattooed lady

Things seem to be proceeding very slowly around here for the past few weeks. I am trying to get back in the groove but urg- it can be a struggle! I have some tattooed ladies to finish up but I feel like I’ve been fighting with them for the past week. We might have reached a truce and some are getting finished.

10:21:lady 1a

10:21:lady 1b

10:21:lady 1c

Here is a profile photo-

10:21:lady 1d

10:21:lady 1e

finally catching up

This is the last of the pieces I brought down to DC but never got around to posting.

10:4:man 2a

10:4:man 2b

10:4:man 2c

10:4:man 2d

I’ve been taking a break from my studio this week. I am calling it a stay-cation but I am ending up doing work anyway- etsy listings mostly. I’m planning on being back at the sewing machine next week so see you then!