mr. popular

I could spend all of my time making tattooed men because they are my most popular item but I’d burn out fast if I didn’t mix it up. But back to the men. I’ve got a pile that I’m working towards finishing. First up-

7-3-man 1 - 1

7-3-man 1 - 1 (1)

Here is a detail of his hair-

7-3-man 1 - 1 (4)

Horses on his chest and arms!

7-3-man 1 - 1 (2)

7-3-man 1 - 1 (3)

Sometimes when I am taking photos, I can’t get a single good result. Other times, I have more than one that seem too good not to show you!

7-3-man 1 - 1 (5)

7-3-man 1 - 1 (6)

7-3-man 1 - 1 (7)

I look at the last time I posted here on the blog and realize it has been a few weeks. I never have the urge to post unless I am finishing up dolls. I’ve been busy with other things though- a baby blanket gift, a trip to Chicago and sewing there with my daughter, new placemats for me, clothes making- a tunic and a shirt that I cut out and started but has since gone into limbo. I am more likely to be posting these projects on Instagram. It is so easy and in-the-moment. Happy 4th to everyone in the US!

Cat Boy 1

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (1)

I remember when I was a kid, a flowing scarf like that indicated a Hollywood mogul or a flying ace pilot. This kitty is more on the Hollywood side, I think. Below you can see his fancy vest/waistcoat. The jacket, the vest, and the messenger bag, all have antique buttons. Button <3

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (4)

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (2)

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (3)


schoolgirl fox

6-9-fox girl 2 - 1 (4)

This is the last of my pre-show dolls and I am posting her last because she was the one who found a new home last Saturday.

6-9-fox girl 2 - 1 (2)

She is a fox girl with a fox covered dress!

6-9-fox girl 2 - 1

6-9-fox girl 2 - 1 (1)

6-9-fox girl 2 - 1 (3)

Now, I am working on finishing up 2 pieces (2 kitties) that I didn’t finish before the show. And also trying to deal with the chaos in my studio and maybe even get some fun and or home sewing done. I am happy to be back in the studio and not spending full days on the computer!

Cranky fox boy 2

6-8-fox boy 2 - 1 (1)

Yes, definitely a cranky face.

6-8-fox boy 2 - 1

6-8-fox boy 2 - 1 (2)

He has a fine baby wale corduroy jacket and a yellow cashmere scarf. He is sporting some Liberty of London fabrics, both in his classic vest and also his pocket square which is a scrap of fabric from and old shirt of my Dads’ (probably form the 60′s or earlier).

6-8-fox boy 2 - 1 (3)

6-8-fox boy 2 - 1 (4)

Fox boy 1

etsy fox boy 1 - 1

A fox fellow in summer biz wear. He has that nice blue linen jacket which, when I put it on him, reminded me of Bill Cunningham. So, I was tempted to make him a felt camera. But there was no time before the show and he really is just fine and dapper as he is.

etsy fox boy 1 - 2

His fox body is made of some more of my hand-dyed wool, hence the not-so-even color.

etsy fox boy 1 - 5

etsy fox boy 1 - 3

etsy fox boy 1 - 4

These last few things will be going into my etsy shop today and then I will be done with the listings for the time being! Writing up the listings is one of my least favorite jobs but obviously, it has to be done, right?!

Fox girl 1

I was frantically finishing pieces to take to the Arts Festival last Saturday. I had a small pile of kitties and foxes that were sewed up and stuffed but not dressed. I got most of them finished by last Friday night (5 out of 7)! Only one sold so the rest will be going into my etsy shop this week. And, I will be posting them here too and the sold one will come last :-)

I think this fox girl is looking very bright and summer-y.

6-5-fox girl 1 - 1

I like her expression which looks curious to me.

6-5-fox girl 1 - 1 (1)

6-5-fox girl 1 - 1 (2)

6-5-fox girl 1 - 1 (4)

6-5-fox girl 1 - 1 (3)

It can take a while to get everything posted into the shop. So far, I have all the owls posted. If you saw anything that I’ve posted since I got back from LA (the last month- owls, tiny worlds) that you’d be interested in purchasing, email me at and I will send you all the details.