Flower Lady Pillow doll 1

Big Flowers! It is dahlia season in my garden and they are beautiful this year! Somehow though, the ones that have thrived are all dark purple but I’m not complaining.

Cashmere knit, wool knit, wool felt, boiled wool, wool boucle- so many different fabrics and textures.

I meant to post her yesterday but I got my flu shot on Friday afternoon and that pretty much knocked me out for 24 hours. Thank goodness I am back to myself again today!

Butterfly Lady pillow doll

Lots of cashmere applique on this lady. Almost all of the embellishments are bits cut from cashmere sweaters. The boucle fabric that her dress is made of was fabric from my Mom’s stash. I will be working through her fabrics for the rest of my life!

Here are a lot of detail shots of the butterflies-

And here she is, sitting with her friend who I will post tomorrow.