2 Blue Fish

These 2 look rather formal in their blue and grey stripes.

I won’t be putting any of these into my Etsy shop until I am back in mid-June, but if you’d like one I can hold it for you.

Gold Fish is next

Well, maybe not gold- more russet or orange plaid.

The above fish has a head made from a knit and that always gives a much ore rounded shape than if I cut it out from a woven wool like the below fish.

Wow, May went by quickly

I spent most of this month sewing up man dolls of various sorts and not a lot got finished. I wanted to end the month with a finished something and success! I’ve got some fresh fish!

Two yellow fish pillows. Of course, once I decided to finish something, I got distracted and ended up sewing more fish… I just can’t help myself.

Here is a pic of my mermen in progress-

I will be taking 2 weeks off, starting in a few days. Then, when I get back, I hope to get to work on lots of new men and other dolls too. For now, a few more fish.

Black Owl, White Owls

These are the last three. One black owls and 2 snowy owls. I’m not sure what comes next but I will figure it out by Monday.

Lots and lots of textures on these owls. Between the three of them, there is wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere, and mohair? So many wonderful fibers!

They will all be in my etsy shop by the end of today.

Brown Owl

Owl #2.

I like to call the materials I use for many of my woolly pieces, Rescued Fabrics. All these owls are (and will be because more coming soon) examples of this. This brown owl has cashmere wings that are made from a poncho that my Mom made me somewhere around 1968. I loved it. It had beautiful buttons. I wore it a lot and I could never bear to throw it out. Finally admitting that no one I knew would ever wear it again, it has been added to my fabric collection.

The face piece is a wool knit from my Mom’s stash. It is cut from a scrap that she saved. I would guess from the 80’s? And the ears are made of a thrifted wool sweater scrap.

The brown herringbone body is from yardage dropped off by a friend who was cleaning out her stash. Perfect for one of my owls!

Lots of stories and memories associated with the fabrics and now they have a new life!