Bird Baby

How is everyone doing? I feel like I am moving in slow motion and having a very hard time focusing- on my work, on my audiobooks, on a podcast… I am getting a few things done although they are taking longer than usual (hooray, I did my taxes!) but wow. Everything is a slog. Anyway, I am so happy to have something finished and ready to post.

A bird baby with cashmere leaves.

And look at that- the weather has been nice enough that we took out the porch chairs to enjoy the Spring sunshine whenever it appears.

Bird Baby

7-21-baby 1 - 1

You know I am getting ready for a show. Shows are a place to introduce new people to my art but they are also expensive. So, I try to have a range of dolls to show people what I do, and enough work available for sale to make the endeavor financially sound. That is why I have been working like a crazy woman since the beginning of the year! I have to admit that my brain is getting tired and I sometimes feel as if my creative well has run dry. What do I do then? I go back and look at my old favorites. I work on a new version, thinking about what it was that made it a favorite. It works every time!

7-21-baby 1 - 2

7-21-baby 1 - 3

7-21-baby 1 - 4

7-21-baby 1 - 5

7-21-baby 1 - 6

One more swaddled baby

I didn’t quite get this baby finished before I left for LA so I brought it along as a demo doll. I figured I’d finish it while I was out there. Nope, more than a month later and I finally finished the last few details yesterday.

3-24-baby - 1

Yes, it has been more than a month since I have finished any of my dolls. I’ve got a ton of work in progress but now it is time to get some pieces finished! In less than a month, I will be heading down to Washington, DC for the Smithsonian Craft Show and I am feeling the pressure. There won’t be any dolls available for sale until after that show, so that means the beginning of May.

3-24-baby - 3

3-24-baby - 4

3-24-baby - 2

Look- signs of melting and Spring! There is hope!

3-24-baby - 5

Baby Time

Oh the poor tattooed men, waiting and waiting!

2-19-baby 1 - 1 (1)

But, I had to get to work on some swaddled babies- I am off to California soon to teach the class so I need to make a few to refresh my memory and help me organize all my tools and supplies. If you are near LA and interested in joining the class, I believe there are a few seats left.

2-19-baby 1 - 1

Sweet sleepy baby face-

2-19-baby 1 - 2

2-19-baby 1 - 5

2-19-baby 1 - 4

2-19-baby 1 - 3

2-19-baby 1 - 6

2-19-baby 1 - 7