Night Bird Baby

A sleeping baby is a beautiful sight.

The lowest bird is made of an angora blend so is fuzzy and soft. The other 3 birds, and the hat, are all cashmere; also soft :-)

This morning I finished and delivered my 100th scrub cap- I’ll have to make a lot more to put a dent in my fabric stash! Going forward, I will be spending more time on my own artwork but will also continue to make the caps as they are needed.

Blue Flower Baby

Spring Baby in the midst of a pandemic. I will just keep on working because what else can I do? We are well into Spring here in Boston- daffodils and trees beginning to leaf out. Lots of the green shoots in the garden are cropped at about 4″ high by voracious rabbits. Other plants are not touched. It is good to see the garden come to life as everything else in the world feels like it has stopped.

Bird Baby

How is everyone doing? I feel like I am moving in slow motion and having a very hard time focusing- on my work, on my audiobooks, on a podcast… I am getting a few things done although they are taking longer than usual (hooray, I did my taxes!) but wow. Everything is a slog. Anyway, I am so happy to have something finished and ready to post.

A bird baby with cashmere leaves.

And look at that- the weather has been nice enough that we took out the porch chairs to enjoy the Spring sunshine whenever it appears.

Bird Baby

7-21-baby 1 - 1

You know I am getting ready for a show. Shows are a place to introduce new people to my art but they are also expensive. So, I try to have a range of dolls to show people what I do, and enough work available for sale to make the endeavor financially sound. That is why I have been working like a crazy woman since the beginning of the year! I have to admit that my brain is getting tired and I sometimes feel as if my creative well has run dry. What do I do then? I go back and look at my old favorites. I work on a new version, thinking about what it was that made it a favorite. It works every time!

7-21-baby 1 - 2

7-21-baby 1 - 3

7-21-baby 1 - 4

7-21-baby 1 - 5

7-21-baby 1 - 6

One more swaddled baby

I didn’t quite get this baby finished before I left for LA so I brought it along as a demo doll. I figured I’d finish it while I was out there. Nope, more than a month later and I finally finished the last few details yesterday.

3-24-baby - 1

Yes, it has been more than a month since I have finished any of my dolls. I’ve got a ton of work in progress but now it is time to get some pieces finished! In less than a month, I will be heading down to Washington, DC for the Smithsonian Craft Show and I am feeling the pressure. There won’t be any dolls available for sale until after that show, so that means the beginning of May.

3-24-baby - 3

3-24-baby - 4

3-24-baby - 2

Look- signs of melting and Spring! There is hope!

3-24-baby - 5