Blog Birthday!

Hey, it’s been a year! I can hardly believe it. I am feeling proud of myself! :-)

I would describe myself as being a late adapter in anything technological and also rather phobic about writing, and I have managed to not only do this for a year, but have really enjoyed it. I have looked back to see the finished and the unfinished projects… the finished one got their own link, the unfinished ones are what I am thinking about. So now for a boring rehash-

There were the 2 dolls from antique patterns-here. I think I learned what I needed to know by sewing them together. Then I lost interest, and never felt the urge to dress them.

The gourd head dolls– well I finished the middle one. That turned into Sadie. The other two? Who knows, I might get back to them.

These guys never went anywhere. Not surprising… I’m just not interested in the whole polymer clay sculpting thing. Also, a scale I’m not inspired by.

I never bothered dressing these dolls that I made at WOW!04. Although I learned what I wanted to learn from the class, doing something from someone elses’ pattern and in someone elses’ style- not for me.

I find these bodies interesting. I actually finished 3 dolls from them- Autumn, Minnie and Tallulah, and have 2 dolls in progress. That is pretty good in my picture of things.

Now why didn’t I ever finish this recycled bag bag? Hmmm, gotta get on that.

I never did finish this bag either. Gee this list is getting kind of long.

I never got Golden Baby to a point that I was satisfied with. I recently showed him to a friend for a critique, which was very helpful. I think I know what I need to do now, so he might show up in the finished project file after all.

I have loads of things I consider active projects- 4 ladies– yeah I know there are only 3 in the picture.
And these 5 heads.
Also several knitting projects and softies and , and, and… so many projects, so little time!

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  1. Yeah! Happy One Year!…it was nice to take a look back at pieces of this last year I missed (hell, I was a late comer)…..but as usual, your stuff awes and inspires me….delightful and wonderful!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’ve just recently found your blog and I love looking at your beautiful dolls and other creations. I’ve just started my own, and blogs like yours keep me going.
    Hope your next year is as enjoyable for you!

  3. That is a LOT of projects in one year! Happy blog birthday and hope you’ll stay on the web for more great inspiration to us all! :-)

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