pears in progress

I’ve gotten a little done on the pears. Here they are, all basted down. They are made from 5 wool recycled sweaters and one piece of woven wool.

I am appliqueing them, using that method I learned at Purl last summer-


and now they are sewed down. That’s a piece of cashmere that they are sewed onto, from my Mom’s stash.


I’m sorry about all the problems with the blog and comments and all. Hopefully we will figure out a way to get things running smoothly and consistently again.

3 thoughts on “pears in progress

  1. i can’t remember, what is this herd of pears going to be?
    do you have a good Massachusetts source for wool sweaters for felting? I was looking at a Salvation Army and they’re all $5, and I just can’t pay that for a sweater I’m going to shrink!

  2. I love how you they look! Usually I see fleted stuff and because of the no-fray edges, they are left raw, but this finishing, adds a great soft, sculptural quality. Can’t wait to see more!

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