postcards- babies

I’ve been inspired by all the beautiful babies showing themselves in my blogs and in flickr!


Ten fabric postcards-

1. Skirt fabric last seen on this kitty




4. This one has a baby gown made from an old embroidered piece of fabric-






7. My mom had a dress made from the background floral fabric. It feels like Liberty, but I don’t know if it is.


8. Hey Eleanor- see what I did with that fabric you left me?


9. The background is chita fabric that Rosa set me-


10. The background on this one is some 70’s Laura Ashley fabric. I have a lot of vintage Laura Ashley fabric scraps…


And on another note- my naked robot is making a tour of sex blogs. My husband figures they must be desperate for content! As a result, checking my stats has become a LOT more interesting- ha!

18 thoughts on “postcards- babies

  1. these are so wonderful!!! you really captured the feeling of “baby-ness” so well…love them all!

  2. That makes me love that naked robot even more – a checkered past! You really do capture the sweet baby quality, the way they hold their arms and little bowed legs. Just lovely!

  3. oh mimi!!! these are so wonderful!! the fabrics are just singing to me. spring, spring, spring!! i love the little thumb suckers :)

    (and i got a great chuckle about Naked Robot!!)

  4. ACK! so darling!! Will they be available in your ETSY shop? I am particularly smitten with number 4 in the embroidered nightie. You do lovely work, amazing!!!!

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  6. MiMi
    I am always amazed at all your creations, Your SO talented, These babies are awesome!!! You can smell the baby powder and just feel their soft cheeks!!

  7. What a LOVELY babies you made!! I realy like them al lot, you had a wonderful idee, thanks for sharing this.

    Greatings from mama lieveheersbeest

    ps. lieveheersbeest means ladybug in the dutch language.

  8. Where, oh where, is a book of these babies? I am a retired OB nurse and would love to make these up! Do you have a book out yet? Well, my dear, you need to run to a publisher with all these sweet babies along for the fide cheering you on!!! How I miss seeing these sweet, fresh from Heaven, packages of joy! I have plenty of friends who would enjoy them also. Grannie Judi

  9. Hi, these are beatiful postcads. They are different, look honest and you really can see they are made with a lot of love and good taste.
    Do you really should make a book or post-cards.
    What a shame I am living so far away to get them though ;)

    Best regards,


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