doll club and expedition

Doll club was yesterday and we tried needle felting. I’ve never done it except to try putting hair on a doll- not for me. But this was fun! We made bunnies-



mine is very soft and squishy- too much. If I do it again, I will try to start out with firmer wrapped wool roving.

Today we went to Logee’s for a mini-vacation expedition. It is worth the drive just to breathe the air.




6 thoughts on “doll club and expedition

  1. That is a perfect Watership Down rabbit. You always imbue your creations with such spirit and intelligence.

  2. Hi Mimi,
    I just started needle felting. I found the best prices at Ornamentea. They have fast service and cheap prices.
    I love you little rabbit. He is a cutie!

  3. well done!! needlefelting is quite addicting. so nice to breathe humid air and see some green when spring is tempting us with its late arrival. i need to lift my spirits with a little trip like that :)

    your bunnies face is so full of personality. how do you do that.

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