another grandma

this is the way these pieces happen-

I’d been thinking about ladies in curlers for a while. I even mentioned it at the end of this post. I pulled out my grandma/big lady design and got to work, cutting out the main body pieces, looking at photos tagged “housecoat” and “curlers” on Flickr. btw- Who ever knew there are curler fetishists?! The things I learn everyday!

I start doing floral applique on the body pieces and soon it seemed way too pretty to be a housecoat. That’s when I started the purple one. Sometimes a project goes it’s own way and there is no point trying to force it into towards where I thought I was going.


And another detour. I drew the face on paper, cut it out, made myself a little stencil and transfered the features… but somehow my happy smiling grandma turned into this-

630face1.jpg She looks terrified! Somehow I was unable to see that until I was all done and ready to take photos. So, back upstairs for a face rework-

630face2.jpg Much better! She actually looks happy now.

I am thinking of her as the post-curler grandma- look at her lovely hair-


The photo is washed out, but the embroidery floss I used is variegated light blue.

The front-


and the back-


and the bottom of her shoes-


and one last photo- she is sitting in the thyme and lavender- so perfect for a grandma.


Now- the flower of the day- an amazing poppy! Too bad they only last for one day-


One last thing- has everyone read Shula’s wise words/rant on the topic of crafting and craft bloggers? Wow, can she say it! I felt she was speaking right to me, although not about my recent personal experience. Just happened to come up at the same time.

8 thoughts on “another grandma

  1. Never ceases to amaze me, the way you can undo and redo a face like that.

    I’d rather stick my head in boiling oil.

  2. I found you through Schula – and what a find!!!
    Your art is so witty, inspiering and beautiful!
    LOVE her hair, LOVE how she looks under her l little feet!

  3. wow. i’m not quite sure HOW you do it mimi!! the change on her face is incredible! you DID make her go from grouchy to pleasant…not quite sure how, but she looks great. ALL the details on grandma are lovely!! the hair…oh my! and the housecoat is really special.

    and is the camera lying? is that a GRAY poppy? gorgeous.

  4. I love this grandma! I really like Miss Curlers but she reminds me a bit too much of my cosmetology school days for me to say I love her. But this granny…I bet she smells like pie. :)

  5. oh mimi, its been a long while since i stopped here and am just fascinated with your intricacy in your work!!! the flowers on this doll are AMAZING! and i soooo love the gramma and her curlers…. i really like how you make a variety of nationalities too… some of your dolls have a very very very old skool feel to them… as if they were made in the 1800’s back when people only MADE dolls from fabric and made them to resemble people.. your dolls are all just beautiful and you are quite a talented person!! its such a pleasure to know you :)

  6. Beautiful! I love your dolls but this one is my favorite – the embroidered flowers on the dress are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :)

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