Tweedy wool, soft, squishy… combined with tiki- that makes me laugh. So-


A perfect addition to any sofa. We had to play a bit-


details- I appliqued the wool in place and embroidered outlines. Shiny button eyes.


and with latest arrival to our house- this wonderful creation from Wawaya– all the way from Japan.


I made my tiki to fit a 6 inch x 14 inch pillow roll insert. Using an insert seemed like such a great idea, but I don’t love the way it fills the doll- I have much more control when I use stuffing. So, I guess I will just have to make a few more to get it perfectly right!

This is the kind of house I live in- I wanted to photograph the tiki. I’m thinking that I need a tropical drink with a paper umbrella (of course!). Hmmm, we had a birthday party once, tropical theme in February, kid was 9 or 10 (she’s 23 now), we must have some. Yup, I found them!

13 thoughts on “tiki

  1. he’s wonderful!! so great to see him in vivid daylight color.
    yeah…squishy soft tiki…that makes me laugh too :)
    and i must admit i’m quite impressed you’ve managed to not only SAVE, but also recover a paper umbrella that you bought 13 years ago?!!

  2. Mimi – you rock. This guy is awesome. Such a sense of humor and such beautiful detail to finish it off. And I live that same way. I keep a bit of everything and I know just where it all is.

  3. I am always blown away by your creativity and skill! That Tiki is fabulous!

  4. You are so talented with creativity!!! This is – again – fabulous! I’m so jealous you can do all this!

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