tiki 2- the greenman


I’ve made another one. I just couldn’t help myself. When I make one, I think of all kinds of ways to do it better and so have to make a few more. That is why I am so often doing my artwork in series.

Here is where we were this morning-


working drawing on the right. My tiki face, flat, on the left. I embroidered the features and stuffed the nose like last time. But this time, I used a piece of thick quilt batting behind the fabric. I did a running (hand quilting?) stitch around the features and now they have a bit of puffiness.

I didn’t use the pillow insert this time. I stuffed him with wool scraps and poly stuffing. He has got a nice heft to him. He’s slightly taller then 14 inches and about 6 1/2 inches across.

Here is a close-up to show some of the embroidery.


It started to rain just as I went out to take photos. These aren’t too bad though. I kept thinking of the old Jolly Green Giant commercials when I was sewing him up!
And speaking of green… did you see Ellia‘s posting about dreams (versus reality, I guess)? I loved it. I remember my college interview, so many years ago. The woman who interviewed me asked what I saw myself doing, 10 years in the future. The question came as a shock to my 17 year old self. Growing up in a time of constant nuclear fear/threat, I don’t think I really believed in 10 years away. I told her I could see myself in my own shop, selling my work, whatever I was doing at that point… sound familiar Ellia? Anyway, fast forward to now. I was thinking only recently about how Etsy has given me that little shop, a place to sell the stuff I make. Funny really.

8 thoughts on “tiki 2- the greenman

  1. Mimi, these tikis are turning out fabulously! I really love the green one. Beautiful colors. I can really see him hiding in between all of the lush vegetation. Stealth tiki! :-)


  2. Loooove this guy! You must put some magic in everything you do because he is enchanting!

    More tikis please!

  3. I love these new cushions and I bet my teenage kids would as well.

    As for dreams, I must have been a weird kid because I never had any dreams of what my adulthood would be. I wish I had because maybe I would have known what I wanted to do as an adult. Not to say I didn’t live in a fanasty world every time I went to see a Tommy Steele musical but that is a very different thing.

  4. The green tiki made me gasp. He is gorgeous! Your work is so superb, and such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing it all.

  5. oh yes your tikis are wonderful! anything to do with the faces, you can do!!!! and thank you for sharing your dream too…. i am glad to see so many other people who have juggled so many duties including motherhood and artwork, succeed- although it was different than once imagined…. so early on, discouragement settled in but i am truly grateful to see successful people like you who are inspiring and encouraging AND creating :)

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