tattoo man 2

Okay, it went much better this time- (chapter one here)

This toile is perfect. I dyed it before cutting and sewing (lesson learned) and the scale and images on the toile is wonderful.


approx. 21 inches tall-


his back-



he needed a belly button-


I loved embroidering his hair-


Now we are going to go buy more peaches so I can make some more yummy end of summer desserts.

24 thoughts on “tattoo man 2

  1. He looks wonderful Mimi! Everything really came together for this one. I still think it is such a great idea using the toile for tattoos :)

  2. I LOVE YOU. Please, please believe me. I get worried if you don’t post for 2 days in a row – what will I do if you quit blogging?

    I have never commented before, I’ve just watched in awe as you create one. fantastic. thing. after. another. So forgive me if it sounds like I’m criticizing you in any way, but I do have a bit of a question about your latest tattooed man. He’s great – it’s incredibly awesome that you chose to use toile to represent his tattoed body. But his lower half? His backside is fine, but from the front, it almost looks like he has butt cheeks on the wrong side of himself. I’m not suggesting pornographic representation, but perhaps future tattooed men might have a bit more “manliness” suggested in the front???

    Please forgive me for my forwardness!

  3. I seriously love your tattooed man – the kind of guy our mothers would warn us about I believe.
    Such great use of the toile- simply beautiful as always

  4. reply to Babs- yep, you are totally right :-) Working on these dolls is a constant argument with myself of when enough is enough… I might try making the pants out of 4 pieces instead of 2 though- that might give more definition. If I try to add by stitching, it makes the doll fold, and I think I want him standing versus sitting. There is always a challenge and that is what keeps it interesting.

    I can probably make his butt look a little better with some stuffing message. Sounds like fun!


  5. The tattoo man is great! I just checked out the rest of your blog and your dolls are really wonderful and original. I’ll be certain to come back and see what else you come up with!


  6. Hi Mimi,
    Oh my! As a lover of toile, and being the mother of a son who has chosen to adorn his body with 3 tattoos thus far, I really love this guy! Just seeing him refreshes a desire to return to Boston for another doll-making workshop with you. The texture of the embroidered hair is fab! Congrats on sorting out the fabric dyeing issues. BTW, my Zelda has received many compliments and I can’t thank you enough for your generous teaching and sharing of stash treasures.

  7. Make a tattoo man. Buy some peaches. Just another day in the life of Mimi Kirchner! Seriously though, what a great idea. You are a true artist Mimi.

  8. Love the tatoo guy and of course, everything you make!! Those earrings are just too cool! And I didn’t know about moo stickers…must have some!
    I know you may be done with the stamp carving, but just thought you might want to check out this artist…does some cool stuff…if you haven’t seen her already… Traci Bunkers…

  9. Ahoy there sailor. I loved the first one, even though it sounds like he was an exercise in frustration. The way the blue stands out is brilliant, looks like those old, sun-faded tattoos. But, perhaps that was your intended effect all along. Brilliant Mimi, simply brilliant!

  10. oh I love him! he is so sweet, such a clever use of toile. Re the pants, maybe some stiches making out the pockets and fly like jeans? I am so glad you kept going with these after the first one was such a challenge. Well done.

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