today’s tattooed man

I love this toile. I got a remnant of it off of Etsy, way back when I started making these fellows. I have now cut it all up. There are a few more dolls in the pipeline with this toile design and then all done.

I have been overwhelmed by the news coming out of Japan. I can hardly tear myself away from the newsfeeds. Some of you might know that I have a brother in Japan, but he lives in Kyoto which was unaffected by the earthquakes shaking. My heart goes out to all the suffering people.

7 thoughts on “today’s tattooed man

  1. I’m so glad your brother is okay. The news coming from Japan is awful to watch…makes me feel like anything I say or do would ever be enough.

  2. Yes, the ‘Ring of Fire’ suffering has been immense. I have family in New Zealand and it’s hard to believe that anything could be much worse than the Christchurch earthquake, but this is almost impossible to comprehend.
    But I came here to comment on the face of this tattooed man… he has such beautifully defined features, I love the way you ‘draw’ with your thread Mimi :)

  3. What a truly unique and quirky idea – making tattooed dolls. I think they’re fabulous! I love your style of line and shape, you have quite a talent ^-^


  4. Do you think you will be doing patterns for your tattoed man?
    I just love your work. You inspire me every day.

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