and then there were 4

the last one for now-



the group-


I couldn’t make up my mind which group photo was better so here are both of them.


I was having some camera aggravation-  batteries not charged when the sun was good.  Then later, very dark.  And it is suppose to be a very stormy weekend and I wanted to get this little one posted today… you know how it is.  So, not perfect photos, but you get the idea.

These babies are 11″ high.

17 thoughts on “and then there were 4

  1. Hi, I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and just wanted to say I really admire your dolls–your attention to detail is lovely.

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous. They look delightful and the pictures are beautiful. You have such a talent. My favourite is the chocolate one, and not just because it’s lent and the real stuff is of the list for a few more weeks.

  3. Olá!
    Sou brasileira.
    É sempre uma alegria ver seu trabalho…

    I love your work!

  4. I never tire of your work..I’m always amazed by your dolls:)
    The only thing worse than camera aggravation is the one computers cause..grr

  5. Your dolls are really pretty but I am writing for an other reason…
    I was at the Arlington library when you dropped by one Monday morning around 10:30 a month ago to show one of your latest work to your friend working behind the counter.
    I only got a tiny peak at it on my way out with my cranky toddler but it has been in my mind ever since.
    Could I see it again ? It was a various shades a greens muffler made from old cashemire sweaters I believe.
    So I finally got enough courage to go back, tell my weird story and ask if anybody remembered that person and Pam said : sure it is Mimi, let me give you her blog address. As easy as that :-).
    We searched that day but couldn’t find that muffler on your blog. Have we missed it ? Is it on there ?
    Would you have time to show it to me, please.
    I leave in Belmont, I wrote my personal e-address above, do contact me when you have time.


  6. These new babies are beautiful, such lovely and lively colour combinations. Your work always has such fine attention to detail. I’m pleased to see you got to the V&A when in London and it was a shame not to be able to say hi in person, I must get there some time soon myself.

  7. wow mimi. they all are just wonderful!! the moon babies especially. love the full moon on their heads. and Mr. Handsome? well, he is just that. handsome :)

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