quilt- 30 years old


This is the first quilt that I made that I considered a success- I was happy with the design and function.  I made it in 1978, 30 years ago.  The top and bottom edges were originally navy and white stripe.  I also used that fabric in the dark areas.  The design has changed because of how it faded but not ruined.  I used another stripe fabric from an old dress that has completely disintegrated.  This quilt has seen a lot of use and it is stained, torn, all around pretty ratty.  If I get inspired to make another quilt, I might use this design as a starting place.  I’m going to put this photo onto flickr so you can see it big if you are interested.

9 thoughts on “quilt- 30 years old

  1. love the quilt.i’m very into blues at the moment,so this really speaks to me.
    also love the dolls you make,and those trees…
    thanks for a great blog, will be back!

  2. oooh! a quilt! Very nice Mimi, very now for 30 years ago, I like it. I’m trying to get an art quilt to a stage where I can photograph it for a show, (deadline is Monday!) so mad at present, but after Monday? Great to see one of your quilts!

  3. What a lovely piece!
    I like the blues a lot and the simple, modern look of it.
    And the year you made it :-), because that was also my time of patchwork.

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  7. I went back to quilting after soe years….and all is new again…. I love super love your quilts…now I am really inspired…do something more with the quilting!!!!! I enjoy you all the way down in Mexico City!!!

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