nature lady?

In my head and on the patterns, I’ve  been calling this doll design “round bottom lady” which doesn’t sound quite nice when I post them… so then I have to come up with some other name and it never seems quite right.  Anyway, not important.

Next!  A Nature Guardian angel.  I love these colors-

Some day I will find the photograph of my Mom in the caftan she made out of this crewel fabric- circa 1975.


Printed wool sweater and floral wire wings-


some side views-


and the back-


and here is the original sketch-


17 thoughts on “nature lady?

  1. oh i love crewel! i have all erica wilson’s books from back then. you’ve done a beautiful thing with this fabric. i love it.

  2. I love her! Great use of the crewel fabric, and the colors are great. How about “long dress lady” or “little foot lady”….lol…

  3. Mim,
    She is gorgeous. I love her delicate feet supporting her big body. I kind of like the name Round Bottom Lady. It sounds like it could be the name of an old blues song or something.

  4. love the name – round bottom lady.
    she is gorgeous!
    how long does it take you to make one of these?

  5. I think “round bottom lady” is delightful! And I swear I have some of that same fabric that my mom made a skirt out of back in the 70’s!

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  7. Love everything about her. Her coloring both skin and dress and her expression:) Your post above made me laugh as that happens to me often ..distraction! At least you got some things accomplished:)

  8. Lovely, as ever! The crewel fabric is truly the detail that makes everything else work. But I am trying to imagine a “crewel caftan”! It does not compute! You must find the photo!

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