a new bag

another trip, another bag!img_8429.jpg

I even added one of my printed patches to the pocket.  This bag is to put my computer and my other bag into.  Last trip, I didn’t take the computer and my regular bag isn’t big enough to hold it comfortably.  I am not going to leave it home this time though… I really missed it when I went to London.

The fabric was given to me by my niece, an interior architect.  Thanks Laurel!  I absolutely love it!

So, now that the update is finished and I can stop stressing about that, I’ve moved on to stressing about my trip to Portland, Oregon.  Not too much really- it is just that it is such a long travel time.  I am trying to figure out books and projects to bring.  I am hoping to meet up with some fellow artist/crafters … if you are interested, email me or leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “a new bag

  1. You make such cool bags, I love how the pocket pattern match the bag! I need a laptop bag too, this is a great model if one don’t want to fiddle with a “real” laptop brief case. :-)

  2. Wow I made the blog! I love the bag, it’s so cute!!! Super cool patch too. I’m glad you’re having fun with the fabric! :)

  3. I love this computer bag! Any hope of you posting the pattern on your blog when you get home from Portland? Have a wonderful trip.

  4. Hi! I really wanted to comment on those male dolls – how wonderful they are! They all share the same kind of solemn dignity. The tatoos and the striped pants also give a sense of old fashioned circus. I love them!

  5. Oh, I LOVE this bag! I want it. I am really getting into bags right now, and aspire to make one as cool as this!

    Do you have an etsy shop? I was over at Sister Diane’s and found out about your tiki’s, and I MUST have one! I’m going to Maui in a few days, and I’d love to have one when I get home.

    Cool stuff! I’ll be back.

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