fun in Oregon!

I’m having a fantastic time here in Portland! I REALLY have to get out of my studio more often, eh?!

First, an amazing hotel-  Hotel Monaco. Thanks Ben and Priceline


We got into town around noon on Sunday. That’s noon, west coast time- we had been up and traveling for 10 hours by that time. Ariana, of Staindrop, met us at the hotel and gave us a wonderful walking tour of downtown Portland. The weather was perfect. We got to spend several hours talking about art, craft, blogging, etc.

Monday morning was our tour of PNCA. I have loved going on these Art School tours. On Monday afternoon, I met Diane of CraftyPod. I have to say that getting a chance to meet her was high on my list of why I wanted to come to Portland with my son! I enjoyed talking to her so much when she interviewed me last fall. Getting a chance to spend a few more hours with her was amazing. She found my blog originally because of my tikis. I wanted to make her a little gift and on Saturday, before I left, I got a flash of the perfect present-


a tiki pincushion! As you can see, she liked it :) There is nothing so satisfying as figuring out the right gift! She gave me a list of great suggestions of crafty places to go and things to see- Thanks so much Diane!

The weather was beautiful and clear, so Pete and I decided to go to dinner at a restaurant described as a place for tourist- I said, Heh! We’re tourists! It was a wonderful way to see the city and surrounding area-


Today (Tuesday) I spent the day checking out craft wonderfulness and Pete did his thing. First stop for me was the Knitten Kitten (a Diane recommendation).


How amazing is a craft supply thrift store?! I left there with a bag full of goodies. Then back into town to the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Next stop- The Playful Needle.  And last, when I was worried that my feet were going to give out on me, The Button Emporium.


That place was heaven… well, actually I think Portland is an embroiderer’s paradise- I have never seen anything like the stores full of beautiful threads and embellishments that I’ve seen here. Swoon!

Okay, so here was what was in my bag at the end of the day-

from the Knitten Kitten-


and everywhere else-


Tomorrow we go back home. My stay has been a delight!

6 thoughts on “fun in Oregon!

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You made it to the Kitten! And got a great haul, by the looks of things. And Button Emporium – I thought you’d like it there.

    It was so wonderful to meet you in person! Thank you for spending some time with me. I hope I’ll be able to come to Boston some fine day so we can repeat!

  2. Hello, hello!!! I am so sorry I did not know you were visiting from Boston. My son spent 4 years in Waltham, Ma going to college. He loved Boston and wanted to stay. Of course if that had happened the Knittn’Kitten maybe would not exist. He helped us with money to open our little Thrift Vintage Fabric and Craft Store. I am jealous of Diane’s pin cushion Tiki. It is gorgeous! if you can call a tiki gorgeous. We love show and tell in our store. I think I was trying to purchase fabric and yarn from a customer when you came in. I apologize. I love to visit. Please come to Portland again and if we survive this recession, come see us and visit again.

  3. Button Emporium was on my list of places to go but we ran out of time..! Did you get to Fabric Depot yet? Anyhow, sounds like you hit the places that mattered and that’s so cool you got to visit Diane’s studio:) Safe return!

  4. How wonderful to look at your photos – and to see your new bag featured in one! It looks just as awesome in action as it does hanging from the doorknob in a prior post.

    I just LOVE that mini-tiki pincushion! So very special :)

    I hope Peter can find a way to choose between 2 shores – art school in Portland ME, or art school in Portland OR… what to do, what to do…

    Welcome home!

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