tropical lady and some linkage

I am working on some ladies-

I’ve put 6 together- the cutting and sewing phase. Or maybe I should call it the inside-out phase- all the parts of making them that I do before I turn them right-side-out. Hmm, I like that!  They will trickle out as I figure out who they are.

One done-

She is a tropical lady.

Hopefully, this one is next-

Did you see the enormous and beautiful mushroom that my son found in our neighborhood?

I found this interview of Sharon Schamber on Craft Sanity completely absorbing. The way she talked about creativity and ideas truely resonated with me. I love podcast interviews with artists where they talk about how they work, how they think, when and where they get their ideas. I end up participating in the conversation in my head! It helps me think about and make words for what I do too.

8 thoughts on “tropical lady and some linkage

  1. I really like the angle of her head and the colors you used for her clothes. The acid green for the large flower and her shoes is fantastic!

  2. Forgot to add this to my first comment — do you do all of the embroidery on the bodies before or after you stuff the dolls?

  3. i love seeing your work space mimi…i’m dreaming of one spot where i can spread out…i’m getting tired of working our of little baskets and bags.

    more beautiful felt work…i never tire of seeing what you dream up next.

    is it weird to see someone else selling your doll on ebay?

  4. You make so wonderfull toys, so warm and so from your soul…it seems to me magic… your hands are gold…I’m enjoy this site, thank you…and sorry my poor English

  5. Oh juicy citrus loveliness!! I adore this new lady and how fantastic to be allowed to see W.i.P.! Always a treat to see the artist at work! t.xx

  6. hello mimi,
    I love your studio, this photography inspires me to work harder in my dolls.
    Good for you, because this doll is very pretty.

    Greeting you from the other side of the world.
    Mayra René.

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