he was suppose to be a pirate

but he turned out to be more of a biker dude. That happens sometimes. Well, actually a lot. I start out making one thing and it turns into something else. I’m not one to have it all planned out before I start.

I made him a vest- red paisley from a Liberty shirt that had belonged to my Dad. I made his head tie out of it too. The vest just wasn’t working so I ended up using the fancy paisley side for the inside. Now there is a surprise inside.

I like his blue hair.

16 thoughts on “he was suppose to be a pirate

  1. I like his blue beard! I’m guessing that was the original plan?! I think he’d work great as a pirate or a biker! Maybe have an eyepatch accessory and he could switch on alternate days! t.x

  2. So sorry you’ve been getting the mistyped link to the scary site – entirely my fault I expect. Will check it’s remembering me correctly next time! DOH! t.xxx

  3. Oh my you have been busy. I have been off my computer for a few weeks and I come back to all this lovely eye candy. I love your little girl dolls and the pin cushion. Such variety of dresses it just inpires me.

  4. Wow! I just found your blog while blog jumping and your work is amazing! I love these tattoo dolls and also your house pincushions. Wonderful craftsmanship and really creative!

  5. Your work continues to amaze and inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing a small portion of your process on your blog.

  6. I adore your pirate/biker dude! I made a little guy out of my husband’s old Legos that was a ninja Indian. Hybrid guys are the best.

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