Party girl in Pink

Another party girl with little buns. This time she is dressed in soft pastels.

Here she is, out in the sun. I love the shadow.

This is a crazy, crazy time of year. I am not keeping up with postings or my emails. Just in case you are waiting for a reply…

8 thoughts on “Party girl in Pink

  1. I like the riffles, and the flower detail.

    It is indeed crazy now. My shoulders and hands ache from so much sewing. But the ideas flow more the more I work. I am wading in ideas and fabric.

    I just ordered my own copy of Sew it Up! A present for me, thanks to you!

    Good luck with the shows.

  2. Party girl is just darling. I need her for a present for a good friend. Will you be selling her in your shop? PLEASE let me know if you are! She’s perfect!

  3. crazy times all around…no need to worry about replying, just keep providing us with all this eye candy…all your girls are delightful, but there is just something about these ones with those hair buns that just call to me. Happy Thanksgiving dear Mimi!!

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