autumn girl

My political word- just once every four years. I am Very, Very Happy today!

Finally- I finished a doll to post!

People ask me how much I plan out my projects beforehand. The answer is not much. Here is a classic scenario. My original idea was to make a group of autumn-color forest-impish girl dolls. The first one to take her own road was the flower girl. I made another girl with dreadlocks and made this dress for her. It looked completely wrong. So, I decided to finish up a few more girls and then I’d figure out if the dress would look better on someone else. So now, instead of a forest imp, I’ve got what looks to me like a little Irish girl who would love to be trying out some step dancing.

this photo is a little light but shows the details well.

top view-

and a back view-

cashmere hair-

12 thoughts on “autumn girl

  1. I’m amazed!!! Ms. MIMI YOU are a LEGEND!!!!,.. very NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCE WORK ..’
    i like ur dolls actually i adored all of em, i just can’t stop my finger from clicking next i want to see em allllll.. realllllly “WOW” please dont stop creating those lil creatures
    they give life taste and color .keep the wow working ;) thanks a lot..
    be safe …

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