gentleman pirate

the coat with tails made me think of Mr. Darcy– Mr. Darcy gone bad. Although, if any of Austens heroes were going to go the pirate route, it would more likely be Captain Wentworth from what I must admit is my favorite one of her books.

I like him without his hat on-

He can carry it under his arm.

I had to underexpose these photos so you could see the details.

I love this guy! He has been waiting to be made for a long time. There were a lot of fiddly bits to figure out which is actually what makes it fun to work on.

12 thoughts on “gentleman pirate

  1. This may be the best one yet, Mimi! He is marvelous. All of the facial hair embroidery is really nice and the coat and hat are wonderful. Brava!!

  2. I sooooo want this man. But then aren’t we all secretly attracted to the ‘bad boy’. I agree with Marianne, everytime I view your work I think to myself wow this one is the best yet!!!

  3. I saw this guy on Flickr and my heart went pitter-pat! And from the looks of all of your comments, you have definitely “designed” the man of our! Happy Holidays Mimi:)

  4. After 16 years at sea, he retired to New Orleans in 1842 and now runs faro games in a dockside bar. He lost his eye in a bowie-knife duel over a dancehall girl.

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