gentleman pirate

This poor fellow has been sitting around, waiting to get made since I don’t know when in 2008. Here is the first one I made.

His hat comes off. He has a bit of (handkerchief) linen around his neck.

I made him a felt flintlock pistol.

The coat front and tail are lined.

I’ll be cutting out some more men in the next few days but have to do some more dyeing first. Also, I need to let my poor fingers have a break and heal from sewing cotton. I find wool so much easier to work with. Anyway, off to Etsy to post all the fellows into my shop.

14 thoughts on “gentleman pirate

  1. I love these tatooed men! My son wants one desperately but is far too small to be trusted with one. I’ve written a short blog post expressing my admiration. I hope that’s O.K. – I’ve links back to both your Etsy shop and your blog.

  2. All the tattooed people are fabulous but I LOVE this guy! What a face, and the little details like the gun and his beard…he’s just marvelous!

  3. I love the world weary look on his face — pirate work is hard and tiring! I love the facial hair and the pistol is a great touch. Brava!

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