weekend report

It went pretty well. People who were there last year said it was down by half and so, taking that into consideration, it was great! As always, it is lots of fun in the South End of Boston. I knew many of the other vendors. I met new people- other vendors and buyers. And loved when friends stopped by. It is a long weekend though and exhausting. I am beginning to feel like myself again.

Here was my booth before we opened on Friday night-

I didn’t bring any tiny worlds because I only had one finished. I had 3 in progress so I finished them yesterday and put them in my shop.

Now it is time to make Christmas happen around here. Of course first I have to get all that laundry done, go food shopping, spend some quality time at the post office, uncover the beds for the kids who will be arriving in the next few days, see if I can find the floor in my studio, uncover surfaces all over the house… things do get neglected when I am preparing for a show!

12 thoughts on “weekend report

  1. Your booth looks fantastic, I would love to have seen it in person…… wishing you the best of Holiday – preparations!

  2. Your work is fantastic, I love the detail in your embroidery. I was so pleased to hear I am not the only one who has to find the floor and beds etc in preparation for visitors who will be arriving tomorrow….enough blogging time for some housework (yuck)

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